Illinois Supreme Court Opens Door for Massive Damage Awards in Biometric Cases: What You Need to Know


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Cothron v. White Castle

The Illinois Supreme Court just addressed the way “violations” under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) are determined. Under this ruling, a separate claim accrues each time a private business scans or discloses an individual’s biometric information or identifier without prior written consent— rather than just the first time it happens.

This means IL employers may face steep penalties even for technical “violations” each and every time an employee provides their biometric information, such as when they use fingerprints to clock in and out of shifts.

What Does BIPA Require?

BIPA requires that private entities — including employers — that collect or maintain employees’ fingerprints, retinal or iris scans, voiceprints, hand scans, or face geometry, must first receive written consent from the employee. Covered entities also must develop a publicly available policy that establishes the retention schedule for the applicable biometric data.
Notably, the act’s requirements apply to information derived from biometric data, which could include electronic or mathematical representations of biometric data. The statute also contains various data retention requirements concerning individuals’ biometric data.

Failure to comply with BIPA’s requirements can result in liquidated damages of $1,000 per negligent “violation” and $5,000 per intentional “violation,” or actual damages, whichever is greater. Employees do not need to show that they have suffered any actual harm in order to prevail. The law also provides for attorneys’ fees, costs, and any other relief that a court may deem appropriate.

Even a small employer using a biometric time clock for five years and has 10 employees – instead of looking at $10,000 in claims you could be looking at 1,000 times that over the course of five years.

The Illinois Supreme Court’s decision in Cothron determined when a claim or “violation” under BIPA accrues. Here are the five key takeaways you should note from the ruling:

  • Every scan counts: In its ruling, the sharply divided court held that a separate claim accrues under the act each time a private entity scans or discloses an individual’s biometric information or biometric identifier in the absence of prior written consent.
  • Steep penalties: When an employee provides their biometric information or biometric identifier (whether to clock in or out for a shift, or any other purpose), each and every such instance is an independent violation that is subject to a new $1,000 (or $5,000) liquidated damages penalty.
  • Significant consequences for employers: Even a per person definition of a “violation” under the act led to astronomical damages awards and settlements, but a per scan assessment will likely be exponentially higher.
  • Court punts to legislature: With respect to the ruinous consequences that many employers may face as a result of the court’s interpretation, the court’s majority noted that it was up to the legislature to limit the damages that may be assessed. In any event, it said, the likely dire consequences that employers are concerned about may not pan out because:

    damages under the act are discretionary; and
    trial courts overseeing class actions can equitably fashion awards and settlements.
  • Dissent notes absurd consequences: According to the dissent, absurd consequences (such as ruinous damages) could not have been the legislature’s intent in enacting BIPA. “Imposing punitive, crippling liability on businesses could not have been a goal of the act,” the dissent said. Nevertheless, until the court reconsiders this question, the majority’s interpretation prevails, and businesses will be subject to a per-scan assessment under BIPA

Red Flag Tips

These measures are essential to defending against claims under the act:

  • Remain vigilant in complying with BIPA’s requirements.
  • BIPA requires strict compliance before, during, and after collecting individuals’ biometric information and biometric identifiers
  • Implement lawful policies, procedures, and authorizations before you collect any biometric data.

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Michelle holds a B.S in Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources.  

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