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Work Comp Advisor
"Pay as You Go" Pricing

Employers that manage their claims and have safe working environments are more likely to be discount rated, resulting in a lower premium, while an employer that fails to manage its claims and/or that has unsafe working conditions is more likely to be penalty rated, resulting in higher premiums.

Taking a hands-on, collaborative approach to your workers compensation relationship can help control costs and improve outcomes for both the employer and the injured workers. With Work Comp Advisor, HR NETwork generates cost savings for our clients through aggressive claims management coupled with effective loss control services. Our program consistently delivers significant reduction in the frequency of claims, decrease in disability duration, and reduced indemnity/medical costs.

The best savings opportunities start with proper claims management...

Our integrated claims management process puts our expertise at the center of the management equation, allowing us to streamline interaction, coordination, and integration between the employer, employee, claims payor, and provider.
You can count on HR NETwork's expert team of claims administrators, nursing and legal professionals to work together throughout the entire claims process. This integrated approach to claims management assists in controlling expenses and ensures your injured worker receives appropriate medical care and disability benefits. The goal is to partner with you so ultimately you can lower your experience modification (x-mod) and reduce your premiums. We also help you fight fraudulent claims, as well as implement a proactive claims management program.

Included in the Work Comp Advisor package:

  • Workers' Compensation Audit of your current coverage, claims and practices in an effort to identify ways to save money, as well as an audit of Job Codes to ensure you not overpaying based on wrongly assigned classification codes
  • Claims Management/Administration
    o Vigilant claims investigation
    o Maintaining documentation of scheduled contact with each injured worker to promote timely return to work
    o Protecting the interests of employers by detecting an injured worker who may be exhibiting destructive or fraudulent behavior patterns
    o Monitoring the progress of the injured worker and alerting the claims adjuster, employer and healthcare providers of any barriers or setbacks that could impede a timely return to work
    o Continuous re-evaluation of action plans to bring claims to timely resolution
    o Maintenance of current case logs to ensure frequent review of claims status
    o Monthly reporting to you on current status of open claims
    o Ongoing communication with all involved parties
  • Cost-Effective Return-to-Work Strategy
    o A return-to-work program has proven to be highly effective in containing and reducing claims costs. The goal is to help your injured worker transition back to productive work. We provide realistic guidance and useful tools to help you identify alternative duties in the workplace that are suitable for your injured worker.
  • Medical Cost Containment
    o On-going medical bill review
    o Excess claims review
    o Experienced nurse case management to ensure treatment plans are monitored and appropriate
  • Leave Coordination - Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

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