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The Purpose

If you are currently with one of those big PEO’s, you’ve already experienced the pains of:

  • Their claim of being “employer of record” is misleading. You haven’t given up any liability under a PEO.

  • They profess to take on the majority of your “HR Chores”, yet you are the one still doing most of the work. The majority of their services are self-service oriented.

  • Poor/no communication with your employees

  • You are assigned a different rep for each employee functional area (payroll, benefits, work comp, benefits insurance), yet they do not talk to each other, one hand doesn’t appear to know what the other hand is doing

  • Reactive to you rather than proactive to your business

  • Limited options - you are stuck with their product and services, like it or not

  • They do not seem to have your best interest in mind


  • You really have no idea what the total cost is or exactly what you are paying for!
    Even they can’t tell you their cost. That’s because they don’t want you to figure out that your fees are 2-3 times what you really should be paying for these services.

What HR NETwork provides you:

  • A “Personal Shopper” of employment-related services, sourcing the best vendors offering choices, quality service, and competitive pricing based on your business requirements and need

  • Assists in Managing Costs - by negotiating with vendors, enhancing vendor terms, identifying of opportunities to cut costs or consolidate vendor services, often resulting in better pricing and terms

  • One Point of Contact - you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors, contacts, or departments

  • An Advocate On Your Side - if you are not happy with any vendor or service, we go to bat for you. And if a change becomes necessary, we’re ready to re-source it on your behalf.

  • Employee Communication - we make sure your employees understand and value the benefits and services you are providing, and know how to utilize and maximize these benefits.

  • Vendor Management - monitoring and evaluating vendor activities including quality of service, contractual compliance, quality of service, and pricing levels.

Overall, HR NETwork will increase the effectiveness of your organization’s employment related services, protect your company’s outsourcing investment, and instill greater employee satisfaction.

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