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The Plan

1. Analyze Business Requirements

  • Define the Services
  • Define the Technical and Business Requirements
  • Define the Vendor Requirements
  • Define the Budget

2. Source Vendor Options, Presented in a Vendor Proposal

  • Obtain detailed proposals in order to evaluate each vendors' response so that the best interests of our client met on all fronts - service, options, and price
  • Conduct a presentation of all options to the client in a detailed report

3. Proposal Evaluation and Successful Vendor Selection

You have choice. We do not decide what core services you will use. Instead, we believe you should decide what mix works best, again focusing on service, options, and price.

4. Implementation of Services

Once implementation begins, things don't always go according to plan. This is where HR NETwork really goes to work for you. We work with the vendors every step of the way throughout the implementation, to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. We also set up meetings with your employees to communicate, explain, and answer all their questions about the new programs and services provided.

5. Vendor Management - Best Practices

HR NETwork will monitor the performance of your service providers to ensure they are meeting the requirements of the contract, as well as providing quality and reliable service to your employees. And if a problem does arise, HR NETwork will step in to assist in resolving the problem.


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