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California's Little Secret to Save you Workplace Injury Costs

What can an employer do to minimize injuries on the job? One important step is to provide post offer screenings to all new employees.

One fact that is not readily known to most CA employers is that past workers’ compensation claims information can be accessed for use in a post offer exam. These post offer exams, conducted by a qualified industrial clinic, can utilize past work comp cases to ensure the worker you have hired does not have any permanent restrictions which will impede them from completing the requirements of the job. How is this done? Through the State managed program EDEX which can be run on your behalf by your industrial clinic.

EDEX stands for Electronic Data EXchange. In 1994 the California Division of Workers' Compensation developed EDEX to provide electronic document filing in place of mailing forms to the state. The current system also provides several electronic case research and tracking tools.

EDEX provides two types of electronic searches, Social Security and Case Number.

  1. Social Security searches locate and provide information on all of the workers' compensation appeals board cases for an injured worker. The search will return results for both open and closed cases.
  2. Case number searches reveal the same results but limit the information you receive to one specific workers' compensation case regardless of whether the injured worker has other current or previous cases.

Both types of inquiries supply the case number and status of each case, the dates and types of injury, all of the injured worker information, a complete address record, and the five most recent events that have occurred.

Learn how you can utilize this system and other measures to protect yourself and reduce your Workers' Compensation Liability. We are presenting a seminar on Reducing Your Workers' Compensation Costs in Long Beach on October 23rd from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.. A seminar flyer is attached with the details or call HR NETwork at 714.799.1115 for more information.


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