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Recent Court Decision regarding Sexual Harassment

Below is an excerpt from an LA Times article printed earlier in the week about a court decision that significantly expands the Sexual Harassment laws. We will be following up on this and keeping everyone posted of the potential impact and how to minimize your liability.

Affairs at Work Subject to Suits

“Workers who lose promotions to colleagues who are sleeping with the boss can sue their employers for sexual harassment, the California Supreme Court ruled Monday.

In a significant expansion of sexual harassment law in California, the state high court unanimously decided that any worker, male or female, could suffer sexual harassment even if his or her boss never asked for sexual favors or made inappropriate advances.

Previously, only the worker who had the affair or received unwanted sexual attention could prevail in California.

Shannon B. Nakabayashi, who represented California employers in the case, said the decision would result in employers monitoring office romances, even those between employees of the same rank, for fear of being sued for tolerating a sexually charged work environment.

"What the decision means for employers now is that merely having a nepotism policy in place is not enough to protect yourself from liability," said the spokesman, Nathan Barankin.

"It is a very strong opinion in favor of protecting women who are not directly harassed but indeed are disadvantaged by the fact there is favoritism in the office," said William C. Quackenbush, an employment law expert.”

Sexual Harassment Training

Spanish Sexual Harassment Training
We now have Sexual Harassment training available in Spanish. We are available to train all employees, as well as Managers and Supervisors in both English and Spanish.

For employers with 50/more employees
You are required to provide Sexual Harassment training for Supervisors by the end of the year. If you haven’t scheduled this training, please call us to get the training scheduled.

If you have already provided the training and have since hired any new managers or supervisors, they are required to receive the training within 6 months of hire. We have two classes scheduled at our site for the remaining of the calendar year on Sept. 14th or Dec. 7th. Please call our office if you need to enroll any new hires into one of these classes.

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