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Add-On Safety Services

We see workplace safety as an integral part of an effective workers' compensation program, thus eliminating the potential causes of workplace accidents. We understand that preventing a claim from occurring is the ultimate loss prevention strategy. A well-prepared and well-executed safety program plays a key role in your risk management by uncovering conditions and work practices that could lead to job accidents and industrial illnesses.

HR NETwork has a team of safety experts available to our clients. In addition to OSHA compliance training, the HR NETwork team works to improve the safety culture and awareness within the Company.

  • Safety Consultation
    o HR NETwork's safety services includes onsite safety revisions and improvement recommendations following a risk assessment, assistance with implementation of new safety programs, DOT compliance training, OSHA compliance review, Environmental Compliance (EPA), and Safety Team/Committee development and training.

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  • Safety Training Services
    o Thousands of workplace accidents occur every day. In today's workplace it is crucial for organizations to educate their employees on safe work practices, prepare for and resolve incidents, and most importantly, execute steps to prevent accidents from occurring. Our safety consultants are there to assist you in implementing the plan necessary to improve your safety culture.

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  • Company Safety Program
    o Injury/Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) for Standard Office Entity*+
    o Safety Payroll Stuffers (also in Spanish)
    o Toolbox Topics Training Manual (for Employers with 10+ employees)
    o Set-Up of Safety Committee (for Employers with 10+ employees)
    o Industrial Clinic Protocol Set-Up

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    An ounce of prevention is worth BIG savings to your bottom line!

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