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We care program

WE CARE about our community. To support out team members’ community ad volunteer efforts, HR NETwork has established a Volunteer Grant & Matching Gift program.

Volunteer Grants
To honor those who give their time and service to causes important to them HR NETwork will award grants to nonprofit organizations (up to $50 per person each calendar year), donated in team members’ name.

A grant will be made to any eligible nonprofit organization for which a team member has committed volunteer hours within a calendar year:

  • For 10 hours of volunteer time within a calendar year, HR NETwork will give a $50 grant*

  • Qualified organizations must have a tax-exempt status and serve our local communities in the areas of community development, health and human services, education or arts and culture.

  • Team members must show proof of their service hours, and nonprofits must validate those hours.

Matching Gifts
Matching Gifts program encourages team members to contribute to qualifying nonprofit organizations of their choice. The program offers a way to double a team member’s cash contributions to their favorite charitable organizations and thus improve their communities.

Dollar-for-dollar, HR NETwork matches up to $50 per person each calendar year*. There are certain guidelines:

  • Organizations must be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and not be classified as a private foundation

  • Gifts must be a personal contributions paid in cash

  • The contribution must be actually paid, not simply pledged

  • Team members must show proof of their contribution and have the recipient organization verify the gift.

*$25/per year for contractors

HRN reserves the right to decline any request for a grant or matching gift it does not feel is aligned with the values of the Company or the spirit of this program.

"It is the actions of individuals working together that build strong communities... and business has an obligation to support those actions in the communities it serves."

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